Daily Routines

We make sure that every day at Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool is filled with fun and exciting learning opportunities, with inspiring activities or spontaneous outings, the children are always on the go!

 Our routines remain somewhat flexible each room to allow for child-led learning and play, as our practitioners know that disturbing children in the middle of an exciting activity can be discouraging. Whilst each age group and setting will have their own routines built around the children, below is a typical day at Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool:

Reggio Emilia

Children begin arriving from 8am and enter to some free play time before enjoying a healthy breakfast with their friends. We offer a variety of cereals, toast and fruit, along with water or milk to drink.

Morning Activities

Throughout the morning, children are encouraged to join in with a range of activities that support different areas of learning. From sensory time to soft play and getting imaginative in the mud kitchen to creative messy play – there is something available for everyone. As part of the EYFS, all children will get to explore in an outdoor space during the morning. Practitioners work hard to ensure a balance of adult-led and child-led activities, giving the children the opportunities to take control of their own learning


To keep any rumbling tummies settled, a mid-morning snack is available for the children, outlined on our menus. Drinking water is encouraged throughout the day.


Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool provides well-balanced, fresh, home-cooked meals. Our Chefs work closely with the Healthy Early Years nutritionists to ensure that children are being exposed to different flavours and cultural dishes and getting all their vitamins and minerals. A portion of vegetables is served alongside meals, and some even have vegetables “hidden” within for those fussy eaters.

Rest or Sleep

Each child will have their own rest or sleep routine and each room has a calm and quiet space for children to relax after an exhausting morning of learning. Cots and beds are prepared by practitioners with sheets we provide and children’s comforters ready for them to settle down and re-energise before an afternoon of more fun-filled activities.

Afternoon Activities

Much like the morning activities, children are encouraged to explore areas within the rooms or garden and engage with different resources. The children love to show off their dance skills as they participate with Move and Groove sessions when they get up from their rests, before joining in with new or extended activities.


Keeping those little tummies satisfied is an important job so Chef continues to work hard as they prepare a delicious tea. This is lighter than lunch and should not replace a dinner later in the evening.

Home Time

After another busy and adventure-filled day, children are collected by 6pm. Sharing their day with you is something they love to do, and collection time is a great opportunity to for a verbal handover from your child’s key person. Those under 2 will also receive a written diary via the parent app of their online platform.

For more information about specific daily routines and nutrition, CLICK HERE to find your local Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool branch.