About Us

1. About Us

At Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool, we have worked hard to develop an ethos that represents our approaches to learning and our hopes for the children we care for. We incorporate the best of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and The Curiosity Approach. Without binding ourselves to one approach we are able to explore all different ways of learning, giving children the chance to discover what works best for them. 

For more information on our approaches, see the links below:

Reggio Emilia

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The Curiosity Approach

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Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool prides itself on ensuring environments are set up in an enabling way, with areas designed to spark curiosity and creativity. Using natural resources and emphasizing heuristic play, our fully trained and qualified staff support children individually to learn and grow. 

Click Here to see the Ethos that Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool have created!

2.Our Rooms

Each room at Aplomb Day Nursery and Preschool is thought out to ensure the children are not missing out on any learning opportunities! From carefully arranged furniture to real-life resources to spacious areas, our children are constantly on the go. Are names have been picked to link with the natural aspect of our nursery. Each room is named after a fruit and as your children continue to grow so does the fruit size! We also have spacious garden areas which are safe and secure! To find out a little more about each room, keep on reading!

Blueberry Room (0-2yrs)

Our youngest children are in a room which has been specifically laid out so even they can have lots of fun at nursery. The routine in Blueberry Room is very flexible and can be tailored to the individual child’s needs. When you start your journey at Aplomb we complete a personal care plan with you to ensure we can follow your routine as close as possible. To ensure the best support for you babies whether they are not mobile yet, crawling or toddling we follow the staff ratio of 1:3, which also helps with settling your children and ensuring your children get lots of attention from our highly qualified and caring team.

Within the Blueberry room who have a variety of areas to allow your baby to follow their interest and explore new experiences. There are plenty of high quality and robust age-appropriate toys that give them every opportunity to explore and learn in a secure, home-from-home environment. Within all the fun the babies can have throughout the day we know rest may be needed, we have a quiet area so that each baby can have as much rest as they need. Every child has their own cot and sheet which is washed and changed when required.

Within the room we have changing facilities which is sectioned off to give your little one privacy they need. To ensure you don’t miss out on how your baby has been throughout the day at Aplomb, we will keep you up to date using online daily diaries via our parenting app EYLog and Tapestry. We will record their meals; sleep times and nappies and you’ll receive observations throughout the week on your child’s developmental process!

Plum Room (2-3yrs)

As your children continue to develop and grow so does their curiosity. Our toddler rooms are carefully laid out in order to allow them to explore freely.

Our talented team in the toddler room provided our two- to three-year-old's with a wide range of activities but within the routine they still have the opportunity to select their own activities and participate in free flow play.

A nursery routine is followed in our toddler room which includes, breakfast, circle time, a range of child-led and adult-led activities, lunch, rest, tea, and more fun activities as well as time to explore outside in our secure and safe garden. Similar to Blueberry room if your child needs a nap or some time to rest, we have a quiet area where children can go to sleep on folding mats, sheets are change and washed when needed.

As your child is likely to be toilet training our Plum room are team are happy to help support your child and parents in the transitions from nappies to the toilet.

You’ll receive observations throughout the week on your child’s developmental process!

Apple Class (3-5yrs)

The eldest of the bunch are now getting ready for school! Our pre-school room is laid out to best support their school readiness. Even though they are still young we prepare them for world outside Aplomb.

In Apple class we have a staff:child ratio of 1:8, the days are a lot more structured – just like they are school, but within this ratio it still allows our staff to work closely with your child. Will working towards school readiness we still ensure all their learning is done through play.

Just like the other two rooms children will have a variety of age and stage appropriate activities and resources available for them throughout the day. We ensure these recourses help develop essential skills needed for later life. You’ll receive observations throughout the week on your child’s developmental process!

If any children have Special Educational Needs (SEN) or English as an additional language (EAL) they will work closely with our setting Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) who will ensure children are getting the right support for their needs and ensure they are meeting set targets and milestones with support from the borough.

Throughout Aplomb we try to support and develop your child’s independence, especially in Apple class. This is done by encouraging children to self-serve during mealtimes, feed themselves, select and prepare their own snack and help support during tidy up times during play and after meals.

When your child is ready to go to school, we will hold a graduation ceremony to celebrate their time at Aplomb as well as say our goodbyes and good luck into their exciting new chapters!