We follow the guidelines set out by the Food Standard Agency in Safer Food Better Business. We are also part of the Eat better start better programme working within the early years code of practice for food and drink. All staff on site have a food and hygiene certificate and all of our meals are prepared fresh on the day with quality ingredients. Our menus are nutritious and well balanced as well as being cultural and tasty.

Our children often help to prepare their tea time meal, we use cooking and baking as a valuable tool for learning in our activities. Every meal time is an opportunity to explore health benefits from our food, to discuss the nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in our meal and what they can do for our bodies. It is also an opportunity to promote independence and help children make better food choices in their future. Meal times are a celebrated as a chance for us to all to come together, practice our etiquette, have interesting discussion and spend quality time in each other’s company.

Children are encouraged to practice serving their own portion of food and pour their own water throughout the day. Adequate cutlery, children’s knives, forks and cups are always used where age appropriate to help young hands coordinate and develop those all-important fine motor skills.


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